One step into the future

fully-automatic felt and screen cleaning plant for production of alkali and acid cleaning chemicals with dilution water
Dilution or mixture of chemicals is made via a nozzle holder in jet and suction flow of the mixing unit. Installation of chemical tanks (mother tank) is made at the FSR plant on IBC-chemical drip pans.

optionally available – accessories:

  • conditioning unit for online treatment of felts and screen
  • fully-automatic loop clarifying – boil out

your benefits:

  • contact-free use of chemicals via existing flat-jet nozzle tube by control in process control system
  • loss of harmful effects on health because of manual production respectively dilution of chemicals
  • increased efficiency of chemical use
  • cleaning WITHOUT personnel expenses
  • constant pH-value at every single cleaning processes
  • cleaning respectively partial cleaning possible at very short downtimes too
  • increased runtimes by efficient application of chemicals on screen and felts