industrial assembly

It’s important for us to satisfy your individual requirements, no matter if single machines, production lines or complete production facilities with associated hydraulic delivery and cooling system.
HATEC handles everything according to your requirements, the project planning, implementation, monitoring respectively performance test. You decide whether if you just need delivering and installation of your system or the complete planning of HATEC too.
We design, produce and deliver the matching media supply for facilities of all sectors and round off our offer perfectly. We use different materials with associated bonding methods and this enables us to face up special and specific requirements.

Precisely due to this comprehensive supply-side flexibility many companies of different sectors are satisfied and longstanding customers of HATEC.

Listed below you can find some examples of projects:

waste water treatment plant FVZ4 and FVZ5

complete installation of this waste water treatment plant for FVZ4 in 2006 as well as expansion and inclusion of FVZ5 in 2009.

oil mill

expansion and modification of a food oil production plant.

evaporation of spring water

expansion and modification of a food production.

washing unit

piping for wash booths for engine manufacturing at GM-Uzbekistan, Ford Getrag, etc.