dosing technology

We are designer and producer of dosing systems in the sector of chemical dosage. We are planning and delivering complete plants to well-known chemical supplier and industrial companies.
Our dosing systems are of high-quality plastics or high-alloyed stainless steel and are adapted and produced optimally to the local conditions. The diversity of useable materials enables a wide range of application possibilities. Especially resistant materials guarantee the necessary long-term durability of our systems.
We carry out all required linkage and installation activities to include our dosing systems in every single production flow. HATEC also produces required equipment and accessories.

Following are some examples of our services:

dosing systems

We design and produce dosing systems for various media/fluids. Performance is made with a wide range of materials according to chemical and procedural requirements.

chemical storage

We set great value on environmental friendliness and security at the storage of acid, alkaline and other chemical fluids. These tanks are produced according to legal requirements of each hazard class.

environmental engineering

HATEC supports well-known companies and communities in areas of environmental engineering. Together with our customers we make a contribution to a sustainable preservation of our environment with innovative ideas and pilot projects. In this case we are offering the whole package from consulting to commissioning.


We enable more efficient and easier configuration of workflows and production processes with our specially developed and produced equipment. We are an often represented partner in chemical industry with different products like e.g. our double jacket hose.